Animal Control

No household shall have more than four animals, of which a maximum of three animals can be dogs. All dog owners within the town are required to purchase an annual tag for their dog(s). Any dog or cat over three months old must be licensed.

If your pet has gone missing please call the Town Office during regular business hours at 780-324-3065.

If pets are not licenced, we have no means of identifying the owners. Any
animal with no licence is then available for adoption. If an animal remains
unclaimed after 72 hours, and no adoption has taken place, the animal may be transferred to the Peace River SPCA or may be euthanized.

Download our Animal Control Bylaw for further information.


Permit/Allow domestic animal to be running at large              $100.00

Dogs deemed to be dangerous pursuant to the provisions of the dangerous Dogs Act:

Rottweilers               Doberman Pinscher
Pit Bulls Chow Chows
Pit Bull Terriers German Shepherds

or any dog of mixed breeding, which can be identified through its physical characteristics as a dog partially of these breeds.

Yearly license fee for neutered/spayed domestic animals  $10.00

Yearly license fee for non-neutered/non-spayed domestic animals  $25.00

Tag replacement  $5.00

Boarding Fee / Impound Fee  $10.00/Day

                               Help keep pets out of the pound.