Council Committees



The Council of the Town of McLennan approves appointments to the following Boards and Committees:

Heart River Housing- Councillor Dwayne Stout

Smoky River Regional Airport Commission - Councillor Eckhard Christen

Recreation Advisory – Councillor Sue Delaurier

Smoky River Regional Committee – Mayor Michele Fournier and Councillor Sue Delaurier

Northern Lakes College / CEC – Councillor Marie Anne Jones

Smoky River Regional Water & Waste Commission – Councillor Dwayne Stout & Eckhard Christen

Emergency Services Committee – Mayor Michele Fournier and Councillor Leo Giroux

Chamber of Commerce – Councillor Marie Anne Jones

Smoky River Agricultural Society – Councillor Leo Giroux

Physician Recruitment & Retention – Councillor Isaac Kocherla

Smoky River Regional Assessment Review Board –  Councillor Eckhard Christen

Peace Region Economic Development Alliance – Councillor Eckhard Christen

Smoky River Regional Economic Development - Councillor Eckhard Christen

Peavine Road – Mayor Michele Fournier

Smoky River F.C.S.S. - Councillor Isaac Kocherla