Delegation Procedures

A person wishing to make a presentation directly to Council shall submit a
written request to the town office explaining the issue that is to be addressed.  To ensure council is able to complete the agenda, only two delegates are permitted per council meeting.

Each delegation is limited to 15 minutes unless a longer period is agreed by
two thirds of Council.   Delegates shall be permitted to speak during a Regular Council Meeting at the Delegation portion of the Agenda, which occurs at approximately 7:00 p.m.

At the place in the Agenda for the hearing of delegations, the Mayor shall call each item in order as it is listed on the agenda.

In questioning delegations, Councillors will ask only those questions which are relevant to the subject of the hearing and will avoid repetition.

Delegations speaking to the subject will be restricted to the subject matter only.


Public Hearings

During Public Hearings the Mayor will:

Introduce the items on the Agenda, in the order established by Council.

Call upon the following to speak, in the order designated:

  • persons IN FAVOUR
  • persons IN OPPOSITION