Public Works

The Town of McLennan Public Works Department is responsible for the town’s transportation system, operation and maintenance of the water treatment plant, water and sewer distribution system, storm drainage, public facilities, parks and open areas.

The town's transportation system consists of a network of 24 kms of open roadways consisting mostly of paved surfaces. The Public Works Department carries out snow and ice removal activities in the winter months and pavement repairs and maintenance activities in the summer.

The maintenance of Highway 2 through McLennan is the responsibility of Alberta Infrastructure and Transportation.  If you have any maintenance or safety concerns contact LaPrairie Group Contractors at 780-925-2077.

Street Cleaning
During the summer months the sweeper will clean the paved streets to remove mud tracked onto the streets.  You can assist the town by removing your vehicle from the street before the sweeper arrives to allow the sweeper to properly clean the gutter.

In the winter month’s snow removal and ice removal is carried out as required.  To assist the town after a snowfall we ask that you remove your vehicle from the street to allow the grader to maneuver and properly clean your street.

Potholes may develop after a rainstorm or as the frost comes out of the ground. The Public Works Department makes every effort to repair potholes. To report a pothole within the Town, please contact the Town Office at 780-324-3065.

Snow Removal Responsibilities
Where sidewalks border businesses and residence the property owner is responsible for snow removal.  To ensure pedestrian safety and movement along 3rd Avenue (Highway) and in the business area the town will assist with snow removal on those sidewalks.

Snow from public or private sidewalks or driveways is not permitted to be disposed of on any street, boulevard or any location so as to restrict visibility, efficient operation of a fire hydrant and shall not interfere with storm run-off drainage.  

Contact Information
Public Works Shop: 780-324-3754
Fax: 780-324-2288

The Public Works Shop is located at 745 – 5th Avenue N.E., North of the cemetery.

Rene Maure, Town Foreman
Barry Whelen, Utility & Equipment Operator
Ron Chalifoux, Equipment Operator