As public trustees of taxpayer’s money, Councilors spend a lot of time making financial decisions.   Council is involved in budgets, borrowing, bylaws, investments and any other areas that directly involves financial matters.  The budget is the single most important policy decision council makes each year.

Careful budget planning and control mean better services for residents.


Budget meetings are held:

Interim Budgets - November.

Preliminary Budget Meetings - March

Final Budgets - April

To view the Town of McLennan Financial Statement, click on the link below.

The operating budget is a detailed estimate of how much the municipality needs to spend to meet its ongoing financial obligations and provide programs and services to the residents. 

The capital budget is money set aside for buying or building fixed assets such as buildings, equipment, vehicles, streets, water and sewer facilities, and land. 

2020 Financial Statements

2021 Financial Statements 

2022 Financial Statements