Water Main Line Cleaning Program

This semi-annual cleaning program cleans our water main lines from mineral and nuisance deposits and improves our water colour, taste, clarity and helps to removes any odors that could be existing throughout the water system.

The Program

This program is done semi-annually; usually in the spring then again in the fall and takes about a day or two to complete. The process is called hydraulic flushing and consists of opening a fire hydrant and letting it run for an extended period to scour the main lines. 

During the Cleaning Program

Home Owners may notice that during the cleaning of the lines, that the water system may be depressurized or may even be turned off.  This will only be temporarily. 

It is a good idea to use the water system in your home only as much as necessary during this time.  This would mean any non-essential water use that could be delayed; like running dishwashers and doing laundry should be kept at a minimum.

Completion of the Cleaning Program

Water Discoloration

Some residents have reported that they have seen water discoloration during and after the flushing.  The water is safe to consume, but it may not look, smell or taste pleasant.  If this happens, you can contact the Public Works Department to investigate and follow the instructions below.

Following up:  Residents Instructions

Once the flushing is completed or if you have discoloration, you should:

  • Run a cold water tap perhaps a laundry tub, kitchen or bathroom tap for 5 minutes to clear the water.
  • If you have a fine mesh grid screen on your tap, you should remove it before running the water.

This will remove any of debris or water that may have flowed into your water service line during the cleaning.  You are now ready to use your water and enjoy the quality water produced by our water treatment plant!